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Bearing seat function and maintenance
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1. Function

As a close partner of the bearing, the bearing housing plays an important role in the entire shafting system. It is generally located at both ends of the shaft, and its main function is to support and fix the bearing, so that the shaft and its connecting parts have a certain positional relationship. In addition, the bearing seat is generally equipped with a sealing device to reduce bearing pollution.

Two, maintenance and maintenance

The bearing seat is the same as the bearing, it must be maintained and maintained on a regular basis, in order to find the problem and solve it as soon as possible, improve productivity and economy. After removing the bearing housing, clean its interior to remove impurities; then observe whether there is abrasion or bumps on the bore surface; then check the shape and dimensional accuracy of the bore surface to see if it meets the current requirements, if necessary Repair or scrap.

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